Blog10 DIY Felt Pincushions

10 DIY Felt Pincushions

Felt is a very affordable, easy to find and easy to use crafting material. You can create beautiful pincushions with felt, a safe place to keep your pins until you need them. Pincushions are fun and easy to make and a great way to express our creativity and individuality.
I have gathered 10 easy to follow tutorials for felt pincushions. Browse and choose your favorite. Make it for you or give it to someone who also loves to sew.

01 Mouse pincushion
A small cute mouse that can be used as a pincushion or as a cat toy.
A tutorial with photos, instructions and a free template.
02 Easy Felt Pincushion
Very cute and as its name implies, this is a very easy felt pincushion.
This tutorial has written instructions and step by step photos, as well as a free template that’ll help you make cute flowers.
03 Toadstool Cottage and Mushroom House
These embroidered mushrooms are very cute, but they need a little bit of work.
There are easy to follow instructions, photos and a free template in this tutorial.
04 Ladybug Felt Pincushion
This extremely cute ladybug is a big pincushion, with enough space for all your pins.
In the tutorial you will find step by step instructions, beautiful photos and a free template. There is also a helpful image with three different decorative stitches.
05 Pretty Posy Pin Cushion
This beautiful pincushion is like a miniature garden.
In this tutorial you’ll find easy to follow instructions, step by step photos and a free flower template.
06 Happy Hedgehog Pincushion Tutorial
These cute hedgehog pincushions can also be pretty, soft toys.
In this tutorial you’ll find step by step instructions and photos as well as a free template.
07 Felt Cup Cake Pincushions
Quick and easy, this is a beginner’s pincushion.
The tutorial has instructions and photos. No template is needed.
08 CD and Felt Pincushion
A shadow tree on a big and beautiful pincushion.
Besides the free template, in this tutorial you’ll find step by step photos and instructions. There are also more photos of pincushions made the same way, but they are decorated very differently.
09 Felt Tree Stump Pincushion Tutorial
A super cute tree stump pincushion.
This tutorial has step by step instructions and photos. There is also a helpful, free template.
10 Strawberry Pincushion Tutorial
So adorable! Quick and easy to make, a beginner’s pincushion.
Instead of fabric, you can use printed felt or red felt and small, white beads.
In this tutorial you will find step by step photos and instructions along with a free template for the leaf top.


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