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Blog10 DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments

10 DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments

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Felt is a really unique crafting material. It is affordable, easy to find and easy to use. You can create beautiful Christmas ornaments with felt, which will add a handmade touch and warm look to your home. I have gathered 10 easy to follow tutorials for felt Christmas ornaments. They have easy to follow instructions and plenty of photos and most of them have free printable templates, too.

01 Two Sided Felt Snowflake A very delicate and unique snowflake just like a real one. The tutorial has step by step photos, instructions and a helpful free template.
02 Christmas Felt Ornaments Three beautiful felt ornaments for the Christmas tree. This tutorial has easy to follow instructions, a lot of ideas for embellishment, many photos that will fire up your imagination, as well as a free template with the three different shapes.
03 Felt Ornament A very interesting ornament, simple yet impressive. The tutorial has instructions and step by step photos. No template but you won’t really need one.
04 Cut Away Window Felt Ornaments These beautiful cut away ornaments are fun and very easy to make. This tutorial has step by step instructions and photos. There is also a free template with the tree different shapes.
05 A trio of Felt Ornaments Fun and whimsical ornaments, which only take a few minutes to make. The tutorial has easy to follow instructions, step by step photos and a template for one of the shapes.
06 Felt Christmas Baubles Five different shaped, stunning felt baubles for unique Christmas decorations. The tutorial has instructions, a lot of embellishing ideas and beautiful photos. The free template has five different bauble shapes.
07 Christmas Pudding Yummy felt Christmas puddings for unique Christmas decorations and gifts. The tutorial has step by step instructions and photos as well as a free template.
08 Last Minute Santa Cute Santa ornaments for a fun Christmas tree. Besides the free template, this tutorial has step by step instructions and photos.
09 Felt Christmas Bauble Felt baubles created with thread or hot glue and embellished with sequins. This tutorial has step by step instructions and photos. There is not a template, as it’s not needed.
10 Vintage-style baubles Lovely vintage-style felt Christmas baubles. In this tutorial you will find step by step photos and instructions along with a free template.

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