Sets of 2 Snowflake Patterns

Make it snow!

The PDF Snowflake Sets of 2 contain written instructions for 2 different snowflakes, photos of the finished snowflakes, a free blocking template as well as stiffening and blocking instructions.
The patterns are written in American English crochet terms. However, there is a helpful conversion chart inside the PDF for those who use British English crochet terms.
These patterns are written for those with basic crochet knowledge. To make these items, you should be familiar with basic crochet stitches and terminology.

Snowflakes Set No24

Snowflakes Set No16

Snowflakes Set No14

Snowflakes Set No12

Snowflakes Set No10

Snowflakes Set No8

Snowflakes Set No23

Snowflakes Set No22

Snowflakes Set No15

Snowflakes Set No13

Snowflakes Set No11

Snowflakes Set No9

Snowflakes Set No7

Snowflake Bundle Sets

Four Snowflake Patterns for just $3.49!

Snowflake Set 15 + 16

Snowflake Set 9 + 11

Snowflake Set 7 + 10

Snowflake Set 8 + 14

Information for each Snowflake Pattern Set:
Snowflake Pattern Set No 15 + Snowflake Pattern Set No 16
Snowflake Pattern Set No 7 + Snowflake Pattern Set No 10
Snowflake Pattern Set No 9 + Snowflake Pattern Set No 11
Snowflake Pattern Set No 8 + Snowflake Pattern Set No 14

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