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Crochet hook and needle cases

The photos below show some of the cases I have made for my crochet hooks and my needles over the years.

I made this first one a very long time ago, when my mother gave me my first thin steel hooks. I still remember how very apprehensive I was about crocheting the small rectangular piece that holds the hooks. Those looong trebles were so damn terrifying!!!
My helpful hook case for many years, now belongs to my good friend and beginner crocheter Maria.

My current crochet hook case is big enough to hold all my crochet hooks at least for the time being.
It has a flap that folds down to keep all of my hooks from falling out. To close it, I roll it up and use ribbon to keep it closed.

The next case is one I made for my tunisian crochet hooks. They are very long, so I wanted to put them in a sturdy case, rather than in a soft fabric one. I used a cardboard tube and decorated it with paper napkins. This was my very first decoupage project.

Old agenda organizers serve as needle cases. I replaced the paper pages with felt pages. To mark the size as well as the holes on the felt, I used one of the organizer’s paper pages as a template.
I made two of them, one for my sewing, embroidery and beading needles and one for my sewing machine needles.


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